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The signet of Christopher Giertssøn

The signet of Iver Anderssøn

My online database, html based

Here you will find all of my ancestors (well, at least those I've found so far), and all of those of their decendants that I've been able to locate. I have just finished cleaning the sources. Now it's a bit of work left on the locations and notes and probably some other areas I will find as I go. I am trying to keep the database as "clean" as possible. One of the effects of this is that I am moving all sources from specified to unspesified, that way a note isn't repeated several times (not finished yet). I am also keeping the loactaions as easy as possible with a max of 4 levels (Place, County, State, Country), if it is a graveyard etc. I delete it and point it to the city/place in stead. I will probably also delete most of the notes in my database. Most, if not all, come from others as I have merged my database with theirs. And I am not interested in spending a lot of time checking these notes for grammar translating them to English etc. When I'm finished my database should contain dates and places for Birth, Christening, Death and Burrial, occupation and name as well as good sources for all of this. Since my database is starting to get as large as it is I find that it is important to keep to the bare essentials so that it doesn't get to complicated to be maintained.

Ludvig Munthe

A MS-Word document (2MB in size) with the decendants of Bishop to Bergen Ludvig Munthe (1593-1649).


DIS-Norway is one of Norways two main genealogy societies (Data I Slektsforskning translates to Computer Aided Genealogy).

The Norwegian Genealogical Society (NSF)

NSF is the other of Norways two main genealogy societies.

The Landmark Family

This is the genealogy page for the Family Landmark. Michael and I have a lot of common ancestors.

Locations in my database

This file contains all locations within my database.


Zoomable map for Norway plus placenames etc..

Danish places from A trough G

A list of official Danish places.

Danish places from H trough L

A list of official Danish places.

Danish places from M trough R

A list of official Danish places.

Danish places from S trough Å

A list of official Danish places.

Swedish parishes/municipalities

A list of Swedish municipalities with parishes.

Wijsvinger, dé internetgids

Good site to find Dutch places.

Meine Stadt

A good spot for information about German places.

Richard Duprel

List of place names in Luxembourg, French, German and Luxembourgish.

Mapa Polski

Map that also shows the district, county and province.


Having problems finding that small township? Try this one.

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